Tripping Down the Aisle

Our DIY Projects! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Our DIY list includes:

-Save the Dates - Done!
- Monogram design - Done!
- Invitations
- Photo card box - Done!
- Aisle Runner
- Pomanders
- Escort cards
- Favors
- Monogram unity candle -done! Pics below!
- Menus
-Getting Ready sweatshirt

Monogram. Check!

Our monogram, designed in Photoshop!

Unity Candle. Check!

Once we set our date, we were eager to complete a wedding-related project. I worked a few days on our monogram and then we set off to find a plain unity candle. Imagine our surprise to find that is is INCREDIBLY difficult to find a plain unity candle! 

Our search brought us to Party City of all places...on Halloween weekend. We were in line amongst witch costumes, fake blood and a sea of various masks. I can honestly say I think we were the only people in the store who bought a unity candle that night. 

Once I designed our monogram in photoshop, I printed it out on printable vellum and let it dry overnight, then I attached the silver ribbon to the vellum and then wrapped the whole thing around the candle and adhered it using double sided scrapbooking tape. Project 1 - COMPLETE!

Photo Card Box - Done!

R working on our photo card box. We used a modified version of the instructions on Road to the Aisle. 


Done! We plan on putting our engagement pictures in the frames when we get them back from our photographer)

Pomandors/Origami Flowers

One down...19 to go. We are alternating blue ones and silver ones down the sides of our aisle. Each one takes a few hours to this project will be in progress for awhile!

The Glue Tests.....

It took 10 different attempts at glue to figure out what worked the best. Our winner:Scotch brand Scrapbooking glue with a fine tip.

The cutting...

R and our new paper cutter.

Getting Ready Hoodie

I used hotfix rhinestones in the sapphire color for this project. I got them off ebay for like $4 for 200+. The plain white hoodie I got from Hanes.


How to:   

I printed out what I wanted my shirt to say and then used a pencil to poke through the paper and create a dotted outline of the text. I placed the stones on with tweezers and then pressed an iron on the cotton setting over them to affix them.